Church Walk, Ulverston

Trio of Miura, Collins and Blezard back at The Parish Rooms

From 19:30 until 22:00

At The Parish Rooms

Church Walk, Ulverston

Entry Fee: £5

The hauntingly beautiful pianism of Tokyo born Yoko Miura is paired with Charlie Collins’ polyrhythmic percussion to create an intense improvisational patchwork. Miura’s classical and jazz credentials, an intuitive distillation of Takemitsu and Bley, is the perfect foil for Collins intensely melodic but fluid improvisations. Joined on this date by Shaun Blezard.

Born in Tokyo, Yoko Miura had classical piano lessons between the ages of 5 and 18, following which her diverging jazz and classical influences led to studies with many of the countries leading teachers. Since 2001 she has travelled regularly outside of Japan, performing with many of the leading figures of European experimentalism, including Hans Koch, John Russell and Steve Beresford, as well as recording 2 acclaimed albums with US drum legend Matt Wilson.

Charlie Collins has been blasting signals from his Sheffield base since the early ‘70s, and by 1978 he was involved in the nascent “Industrial” scene, being an early member of ClockDVA and founder of The Box. More recently he has played regularly with altoist Sonny Simmons, toured in duo with New York trumpet legend Ted Daniel, collaborated with thereminist Beatrix Ward-Fernandez and continues to work with Korean komungo player Eun-Jung Kim. He is one of a handful of musicians to have played both Derek Bailey’s Company Week and Top of the Pops (with Moloko).

Support comes from the other half of Hugs Bison - Phil Powell's Haptic Nerve

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Miura, Collins and Blezard
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