Ramsden Square, Barrow, LA14 1LL

Hugs Bison

From 16:00 until 18:00

At Barrow Library

Ramsden Square, Barrow, LA14 1LL

Entry Fee: Free

spectral-stories-2015Hugs Bison are back in Barrow Library for another Spectral Stories. They are working with writers Ann Wilson and Sarah Miller and the quartet will present modern takes on the traditional ghost story - set to improvised soundscapes.

There will be performances by Geraldine Green, Sue Kysh and Wizardmarra.

There are a number of 5 minute floor slots if anyone fancies doing a scary tale - can be original, can be something you love - let us know if you fancy doing it.

Hugs Bison – Spectral Stories 2
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