Hugs Bison are touring British seaside resorts in search of the quintessential seaside experience

Candy floss, penny arcades, donkey rides, fairgrounds, Punch & Judy. All part of the quintessential British summer. Memories of a favourite resort, family picnics, romantic walks on the prom, watching a late sunset; all fading, receding into a distant past.

B-side The Seaside is a series of immersive audio visual performances by Hugs Bison taking place & rooted in the memories of some of our best-known seaside resorts.

July 10 - Morecambe Out & About
July 11 - The Hothouse, Morecambe + Deep Cabaret + Quakers Stang

July 14 - Brighton Out & About
July 15 - Spirit of Gravity @ The Caroline of Brunswick, Brighton + Isnaj Dui + Support

July 17 - Margate Out & About
July 18 - Tom Thumb Theatre, Margate + Blanc Sceol + Rosanne Robertson

July 20 - Worthing Out & About
July 21 - Bar Forty Two, Worthing + Pig Lust + Linden Pomeroy

July 23 - Blackpool Out & About
July 24 - Bootleg Social, Blackpool + Alistair Topp + Support

Out & Abouts:
Catch Hugs Bison as they tour the town. A day of filming and recording the sights and sounds of the seaside, ready for the performance the following evening. Hugs will also be doing some ad-hoc performances during the day - check http://hugsbison.com/ for details.

Supported by Sound and Music

B-Side The Seaside – Hugs Bison on Tour
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