Empty Christmas Waiting Room mix by Shaun Blezard

Rail Cables Seasonal compilations featuring new music inspired by train travel.

Each release available as download and limited edition vinyl. I have been working on bonus tracks for the download version and have contributed to a series of seasonal DJ mixes. Here is Empty Christmas Waiting Room, a soundtrack to missing that last train home….

Track listing

Vintage Train and Steam Engine Sounds – On the Carlisle-Edinburgh Waverley Route At Steele Road In May 1961
Machinefabriek- Engineer
William Basinski – Cobalt Pools
Keith Fullerton Whitman – Rhodes Viola Multiple
Mountains – January 17
Richard Skelton – Of The Last Generation
Koen Holtkamp – Night Swimmer
Jana Winderen – +4Celsius
M. Ostermeier – Window Frost
Gultskra Artikler – Figase
Bersarin Quartett – Im Lichte des Anderen
Matthew Robert Cooper – Minature 7
Julia Kent – Overlook
Rachel Grimes – Every Morning
Dustin O’Halloran – Prelude 2
Vintage Train and Steam Engine Sounds – At Ribblehead Station On Another Night In November 1962

Empty Christmas Waiting Room
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