Deep Clutter – Slices – Clutter Music – CM007 (2011) – Download

Debut release from improv duo of Steve Lewis (voice) & Shaun Blezard (electronics) who work under the alias Deep Clutter.

Slices was improvised and recorded  in one session in Lancaster in 2010.

Tracks 1-5 used the story Thinking in Slices by Lancaster writer Mollie Baxter as a starting point and working on the Deep Clutter idea of ‘instant remixes’ – using writer’s work as a base for an improvisation, trying to find the essence of a piece and to allow a new narrative to form spontaneously.

Deep Clutter have now brought instant remixes to literary festivals and poetry events and are always looking for new places to work.

Tracks 1-5 Words: Mollie Baxter Music: Steve Lewis/Shaun Blezard

Track 6 Words: Steve Lewis Music: Steve Lewis/Shaun Blezard

Recorded in Lancaster by Shaun Blezard

Deep Clutter – Slices
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