Clutter – Yellow Light Discarded – Clutter Music – CM004 (2010) Download

‘A fine collection of digital landscape paintings and atmospheres by Shaun Blezard  under his Clutter alias. The title track is full of a nameless nostalgia in its aching string sounds, enhanced no end by the field recording of a heavy  rainstorm; more outdoor recording samples including the ever-reliable church  bells, appear on ‘On Your Parade’ alongside a lonely and shrivelled whine of  electronic doodling. ‘The Edge Of Possible’ is also in the same melancholic vein, while allowing some piano fragments which almost push it in the direction  of soundtrack music. The evocative purple and orange urban cover confirm the  creator’s romantic longings. Remarkable to think that such clinical instruments  as the iPod and Nintendo DS were used as tools to realise this very human music’Ed Pinsent – The Sound Projector

‘the music on this EP reminds me more of Max Richters most out there experiments or Nurse With Wound at their most ethereal. Field recordings, strings and dubbed out noises all crop up filling this 3” CD with more ideas than some full length albums. A bold, innovative release that leaves me hungry for more. It’s a pleasurable 22 minutes.’ —  Was Ist Das?

I like Clutter. His music is the exact opposite of what his name implies.  He does indeed seem to throw sounds around but nothing ever seems superfluous and he happily varies sound, mood, texture and tone throughout the runtime which is something that many people in this odd little musical universe of ours are often loathe to do. – Wonderful Wooden Reasons

‘a melancholic but rather pleasant and effective soundtrack for a few brief moments in a cold and rainy afternoon – strong enough to cause an impression but simultaneously able to seamlessly blend into the background, non-intrusively catching the listener’s attention from time to time. It is also a textbook case of ‘less is more’, its bite-sized duration leaving the listener on the edge between satisfied and wanting more’Connexion Bizarre

‘The press kit posits an overlap between electro-acoustic improvisation, ambient electronics, and musique concrète, but that’s overstating it. This music is more simple and pure than all that, and at its best, we completely forget the tools and genres at work.‘ – Doug Wallen – Cyclic Defrost

All tracks were improvised using laptop, iPhone, Nintendo DS and effects then edited and mixed to add the finishing touches. Yellow Light Discarded features a field recording of rain on a balcony in Plymouth recorded in 2007. On Your Parade features a field recording of Dalton Parade from my back garden in 2010.

Clutter – Yellow Light Discarded
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