Clutter vs Susan Matthews – Slow Corrosion– Earth Monkey Productions  – EMC002 (2008) CDr (SOLD OUT)

Clutter vs Susan Matthews - Slow CorrosionLong out of print EP released by Earth Monkey Productions as part of it’s short lived Collector’s Series.

‘Opening track on this album titled “Slow Corrosion EP” belongs to the darkest territories of trip hop with dragging beats slowly moving in creepy electronic atmospheres assisted by the voice of Susan Matthews that in its style reminds a bit of Kim Gordon from the early years of Sonic Youth. From second track forward the expression moves into pure ambient territories. Creepy soundscapes built on found sounds, processed and concrete mixed up with the excellent voices of Susan Matthews.’– Vital Weekly

Source material by Susan Matthews – Reworkings by Clutter

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Released by Earth Monkey Productions

Susan Matthews

Clutter vs Susan Matthews – Slow Corrosion
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