Clutter vs Deep Cabaret 3 – Flowers In The Attic – Clutter Music – CM009 (2011) – Download

I was asked to do a remix of a couple of tracks by Deep Cabaret 3, just to see how it would sound/what I would do with there work.

The stems for Hiding and Matchless were deconstructed and then used as sources for improvisations. After listening through to the results I was pleased with the results and realised I might have a ‘long form’ remix lasting over an hour. I edited the audio down to 72 minutes and am now releasing the results as an album.

Deep Cabaret 3 brings together Matt Robinson, of The Inititiative on bass clarinet; Paul Sherwood, of Quercus, on hurdy-gurdy and Steve Lewis, of Orchestre DC Dansette & Deep Clutter, on voice, guitar & shruti. Pure jazz meets pure folk mediated by an impure jack of none who plays guitar as only a drummer could.

Noir-drenched dronesongs meet desert blues improv – fulsome and romantic one moment, edgy and disturbing the next. Then there are the lyrics, adapted from the likes of Beckett, Borges and Bukows…

Listen to the originals and find out more about Deep Cabaret 3 here

Clutter vs Deep Cabaret 3 – Flowers In The Attic
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