Clutter – Vague Recollections On Lost Highway (Remastered) – Clutter Music  – CM001 (2010) Download

Remasterd version of an album originally released on net label Earth Monkey Productions in new cover with exclusive bonus tracks.

*First released in 2001 as a limited edition hand crafted CDr by Hypermnesis Records under the name Manassas.
*Released in 2006 on net label Earth Monkey Productions under the name Manassas.

Review of Vague Recollections On Lost Highway on original release in North West Evening Mail –

– Innovative sounds for largest spaces – 

‘’Manassas: Vague Recollections on Lost Highway, a musical project from Shaun Blezard with collaborations from artist John Hall, had it’s public debut this month. 

This darkly claustrophobic yet strangely appealing musical offering was written as a soundtrack for the preview evening of John Hall’s latest exhibition, Figures Crossing Abbey Road, which runs until February 10th at The Dock museum 

It is one of the most intriguing and exciting pieces of music I have heard from the Furness scene in the past year, an atmospheric ambient riffing with bizarre industrial samples and loops, which either offers a soothing rattle in your head or drives you insane with it’s sonic clanking depending on your mood. 

It is the sort of music you would not want to be locked in a lift listening to but in the brilliant art space of The Dock recently, it made perfect sense; given freedom in a big room it worked, a clockwork banana backdrop which made you look and feel with fresh eyes. 

With an increasing market for soundtrack music our Shaun is definitely on to something. 

Shaun Blezard is one of a number of local musicians who are able to reinvent themselves, having played bass with country and western band The Clementines and indie pop outfit The Peach Thieves – he appears finally to have found his own voice with this collection of offbeat electronica. 

Vague Recollections on Lost Highway holds more complex meanings than many local rock and roll bands and is a sign that Furness musicians are starting to branch out and find their own voice rather than follow trends’

Tracks 1-10 were on the original release of Vague Recollections On Lost Highway and are remastered for this version.
Tracks 11 & 12 are both unreleased tracks recorded under the name Hela Parc in 1998 in Lancaster.

Clutter – Vague Recollections On Lost Highway