Clutter – Shopping In A Shipyard Town (Remastered) – Clutter Music  – CM002 (2010) Download

Remasterd version of an album originally released on net label Earth Monkey Productions in new cover with exclusive bonus tracks

‘Slow Blizzard is my tonic for the eve… Lush guitar and echos from the day   just past, as my muse lulls me into homely waters of freedom’s thoughful bay…   Languid yet upturned and spurned… Rawly savage, yet beautiful as a saint,   still part of my yearly quota… Lust and love combine into a chemical desire to   understand where the drug left off… Was it real? Who cares, as long as I felt   it’s touch reversed on my skin… Lovely. Pure sonical poetry, my good man‘ – Polynomial

‘slow blizzard is extraordinary…wonderful music’ – Susan Matthews

‘These are beautiful sounds you are creating…Your new record is brilliant. Like sleeping in plasma’ – David Wright Lagrone

Tracks 1-6 were on the original release of Shopping In A Shipyard Town and are remastered for this version.
Track 7 is an unreleased track recorded for an art installation in 2005.

Clutter – Shopping In A Shipyard Town
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