Clutter – On Hapenny Bridge (Remastered) – Clutter Music  – CM006 (2010) Download

Remastered version of an album originally released on net label Earth Monkey Productions in new cover with an exclusive bonus track.

Another album of twisted ambient melodies, field recordings and electro-acoustic compositions pulled together in Clutter’s idiosyncratic trademark style. A journey from death, loss and grief to acceptance, love and joy – dedicated to Hazel and Janice.

‘Clambering around on Ha’Penny Bridge, cluttering around creating groovy clanging rhythms until night falls and the bridge starts to glow with blurred reflected night lights. Slowly mysterious shapes start to appear in the river as the early hours of morning arrive – as daylight approaches fear and the unknown retreat leaving space for calm droplets of dew to flicker from the frame of the bridge into the river and another day begins.

An interpretation of the title track – and that is the beauty of this new release from Clutter – every track, as it relays into the next, enables the listener to imagine their own scenario. In ‘After The Smog Has Cleared’ a slowed down toy box tune mournfully marches through an English village swamp towards a church bell beckoning it on. The tension builds almost unbearably as the tune gets lost in the haze and   weight of it’s own terrible memories of war. During the opener ‘Every Silver Lining Has A Cloud’ a submarine is visited by an ice cream van during a rain storm, conversations are half heard at the beach and seagulls loop around while motorbike engines are deconstructed.

This album feels like a long lost dream interspersed with half remembered timeless memories. You don’t just listen, you become immersed and enriched. Oh the joy, and terror of an everlasting summer holiday!Review of On Hapenny Bridge on The Internet Archive

Tracks 1-6 were on the original release of On Hapenny Bridge and are remastered for this version.
Track 7 was originally a soundtrack to a film I made in 2003.

Clutter – On Hapenny Bridge (Remastered)
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