Clutter & Noise Research – Burning – Electronic Muisk – EM167 (2012) – Free Download

Clutter & Noise Research - BurningSource material was recorded live at the Manchester Artists Bonfire on 26th of January 2012 by Fiona Ledgard (thankyou thankyou).

Source material has been extensively reworked and re-edited by Ian Simpson (Noise Research) and Shaun Blezard (Clutter).

No new sound sources have been added.

Many thanks must surely go to Debbie ‘Elvis’ Sharp and Rosanne Robertson for putting us on in the first place ….. and therefore ….. this album is for them and the members of the (sadly defunct now) Womb.

Ian Simpson – Electronics
Shaun Blezard – Electronics

Download @ The Internet Archive :: Direct Download :: Listen @ The Internet Archive

Released by Electronic Musik

Clutter and Noise Research – Burning
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