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Clutter - ENJ::Y Y::U::SELFClutter releases a special give away through his favourite net label Electronic Musik to celebrate the coming of 2012 – The year when linear time stops, when The End Times begin etc, etc…. Not sure if I believe in any of it but it does make you think about time and what it all means, or not, but I thought it might be fun to do some music that is about time.

The starting point is to jump unashamedly on the extreme slow-mo bandwagon and see what that throws up….I came up with the following:

Anulled Days – a reworking of Auld Land Syne by Bobby Darin
Delay Land Sun – a reworking of Auld Land Syne by Elvis Presley
All End Sunday – a reworking of Auld Land Syne by Julie Andrews
No Cut Down – a reworking of The Countdown Theme

I do love extreme slow-mo tracks they bring out some wonderful music from the originals – I didn’t have a way of doing a really smooth version like some I’ve heard so have played with the results to make them more listen-able – as always a generous amount of reverb helped.

Hope you like these simple experiments.

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Clutter – ENJ::Y Y::U::SELF
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