Clutter – Anodyne Hi-Fi (Remastered) – Clutter Music – CM005 (2010) Download

Remasterd version of an album originally released on net label Earth Monkey Productions in new cover with an exclusive bonus track.

‘This album works brilliantly as a complete piece. Its rare to get a full album that blends so well from the outset through to the conclusion. The dub elements and fat relaxed beats punctuate a richly textured bed of sound. And what a comfy bed it is! Clutter’s trademark blend of found sound, obtuse vocal samples and strange/beautiful electronics guide you through the entire album, I challenge you to start listening to anodyne Hi fi and not see it through to the very end!  Great Stuff. ‘ – review on EARLabs

Tracks 1-9 were on the original release of Anodyne Hi-Fi and are remastered for this version.
Track 10 is a demo from working files for the album.

Clutter – Anodyne Hi-Fi (Remastered)
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