I am taking the Capriccio graphic score workshop to Blackpool to appear at the Other Worlds Festival.

The festival runs from 10th – 12th April 2015 – Capriccio is in Blackpool’s Central Library from 11am – book a FREE ticket here

Other Worlds is a festival of experimental music and sound art curated by Must Die Records.  Aiming somewhere between Art and Music Other Worlds is a multi venue festival that hopes to provide a platform for both emerging and established performers/artists to have the freedom to experiment and push boundaries in new directions within a supportive and encouraging environment.

capriccio birminghamCapriccio has been conceived as a workshop and performance for any number of musicians and artists, comprising live graphic scoring and semi-improvised playing.

The Capriccio workshop explores the core concept of a graphic score, and allows participants to work together to develop an original score for a performance.

The graphic score is unique in that it is not only controlled by a conductor, but can also be altered and manipulated by the players themselves.

The world premiere took place in Birmingham, UK at the innovative Network Music Festival, Birmingham in September 2014 as part of Hugs Bison’s Incubator scheme with Sound and Music researching building new audiences with digital technology.

There’s a strong emphasis on developing skills in improvised playing as part of a group, with a strong focus on both watching and responding to a live score, and listening and responding to fellow players. There is no ‘skill’ level to being a performer, just the desire to work well with others and be open to new ideas.

Capriccio is run by musician and creative technologist Shaun Blezard. He is currently a New Voice Composer with Sound and Music, has been nominated for a 2015 Art Foundation Fellowship for his work with film and digital in performance and is a regular fixture on the UK experimental scene.


Capriccio @ Other Worlds Festival
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