Hugs Bison at Network Music Festival – Saturday 27th September

Capriccio for Networked Performers

Workshop 11.00 am – 4:30pm :: Performance 5.00 pm – 6.00 pm (all BST)


Capriccio* for Networked Performers is a workshop and performance for any number of musicians and artists, comprising live graphic scoring and semi improvised playing. The score will be generated live, feeding a networked performance that will be presented at the festival and online, including various remote players.

The score will be broadcast live with audio from the players in Birmingham and remote players can choose to play along or to make a completely new work – this is then restreamed. This creates a free form network of performers and streams that can inter weave or stand alone, the noise and lag of the networks making patterns in the static, a modern Cage radio.

The audience can choose to watch and listen to any version of the work by following the links or they can mix streams together. There has been an open call for remote performers by Hugs Bison and there could be any number of versions of the work happening at the same time. The various performances will be collected on the Hugs Bison website after the event.

The sessions are run by Hugs Bison, a technology driven duo; one a technologist with a passion for music, the other a musician with a passion for technology. They are currently researching streaming technology as part of the Sound and Music incubator scheme which has seen them perform in many non-concert venues including beaches, wind farms and parks, using a mobile set up of iPads and streaming audio on 3G via an iPhone. They have streamed events from the South Bank Centre, Tusk mini and are presenting this work in partnership with Sound and Music.

The workshop is led by Shaun Blezard of Hugs Bison, an improvising electronic musician and one of Sound and Music’s New Voice composers. His work includes composition and led improvisation with networks of musicians online, looking at ways we communicate and form communities.

During the session he will be looking at graphic scores, improvisation and playing in ensembles, leading to a group mind – the similarities and differences of same room and networked playing. There are no skill level requirements, Shaun is an experienced workshop leader and we will collaborate as an ensemble working to everyone’s strengths. Participants are asked to bring their instrument of choice and an amp if they are playing electronically. The workshop leads into the performance so participants must attend the workshop to perform.

The streaming of the event is under the expert eye of fellow Hugs Bison, Phil Powell, an award winning online developer.

*Capriccio is a piece of music, usually fairly free in form and of a lively character.

If you would like more details please email me

Capriccio for Networked Performers
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