Hugs Bison were invited to run a workshop and performance at Network Music Festival in Birmingham. This was a pilot for further work involving interactive graphic scores.


Recorded live at The Shell in Birmingham, UK on 27th September 2014

Capriccio for Networked Performers consists of two parts: a workshop for musicians, followed by a live performance. The workshop explores the core concept of a graphic score, and allows participants to work together to develop an original score for the evening performance.

There’s a strong emphasis on developing skills in improvised playing as part of a group, with a strong focus on both watching and responding to a live score, and listening and responding to fellow players.

This workshop took place for the first time in Birmingham at the Network Music Festival, and we were completely blown away by what our participants created. We were joined by a mix of musicians: some who were familiar with free improvisation, and some who had never improvised before.

You can check out a recording of part of our rehearsal session right here.

To find out how to be involved contact Hugs Bison

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