workshopsAnimate Barrow was a four month long creative technology project working in 6 primary schools in Barrow, plus and adult education class.

The project had two focuses – to engage the participants with local history and to develope creative technology skills in schools. Each school developed a subject and the technology they wanted to learn about. The end result featured:

A comic about Roose.

Animations about Vikings, Furness Abbey & Victorian Barrow

and an Augmented Reality Trail round Cambridge Primary School.

Creative Futures Cumbria said:

Augmented reality trail opens at Cambridge Primary School

On Friday 4 April there were strange goings-on at Cambridge Primary School at the opening of their ‘augmented reality’ memory trail. A ghostly looking figure was seen wandering the corridors, sending shivers down the spines of visitors!

As part of the celebrations to mark the 10th anniversary of Cambridge Primary School, children and staff from the school have been working alongside artist Shaun Blezard to research and collect stories of the school from former pupils, teachers and members of the community. One story that captured the children’s imagination was the legend of the ‘white lady’ in the school’s bell tower. They decided to bring her to life through film and performance on the day.

The trail uses cutting-edge ‘augmented reality’ technology, enabling visitors to use their smartphone or tablet to bring an image to life and tell a story with one easy swipe.

Shaun explains ‘as far as we know this is the first AR trail in the area and we are excited to look back at the history of the school whist looking forward with new technology. The pupils and staff have worked really hard to achieve this brilliant trail’.

Year 6 teacher Emily Palmer commented, “Being involved in the project has been very exciting! From finding out that the school was previously a war hospital – to discovering that Cambridge Primary hosts a spooky ghoul! Year 6 have really enjoyed working with Shaun. He has enabled the children to explore the school’s history in a much more creative way, using digital art.”

As part of the project children worked towards an Arts Award at Discover level, which recognizes young people’s achievements in the arts. Other schools in Barrow are also working with Shaun to make films and animations reflecting different aspects of Barrow’s history, from Furness Abbey to life in Victorian times.

The other participating schools are Greengate Junior School, Holy Family Catholic Primary School, Newbarns Primary School, Roose School and St George’s CE Primary School.

The project was managed by Creative Futures Cumbria and supported by Cambridge Primary School, the Hadfield Trust and participating schools.

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Animate Barrow
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