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I have written music for film, dance, theater along with my own work since 2001. I work with electronics and am currently working with touch technology and online tools.

New Voices Composer at the British Music Collection in 2014.

Sound and Music’s New Voices represents some of the most exciting artists working in Britain today. The scheme focuses on raising the profile for artists who exist outside of the support of commercial publishers or record companies.

‘A case of music-making catching up with the way we live day to day in an electronic age perhaps’ Stephen Graham – Merlbank


From improvised soundscapes, solo and with iPad duo Hugs Bison and the kosmiche electronics of Yeah Yeah Industrial to leading big band free drone ensemble Some Some Unicorn I have been pushing the boundaries of digital technology and off the peg electronics in improvised music for many years.

I was a Portfolio Improviser with Sound and Music in 2014.

Currently based around a multiple iPad set up I have played with Matthew Bourne, Yoko Miara, Charlie Collins, Mick Beck, Stephen Grew, Matt Robinson, Susan Matthews, Seth Bennett, Anton Hunter, Julie Kjær, Rachel Musson, Cath Roberts, Keith Jafrate, Steve Beresford and many more.

‘The sounds oscillate (sometimes literally) between noise, tuneful fragments, delicate melodies, questing ambience, social commentary, and so on but the whole thing hangs together as a single and coherent aural journey, practically cinematic, a tribute to large-scale creativity and the editing skills of Mr Blezard.’ Dave Foxall – A Jazz Noise

Featured Music : orfeo 5 : In The Green Castle

Radio Presenter

I currently present a monthly radio show on CandoFM my local community station. Playing a range of out there music Space Is The Place is now entering it’s 2nd year

Latest Episode

Featured Film : Some Some Unicorn – Campaign Launch

test 3Creative Technologist

My interest lies in creative ways to use technology. Using touch screen technology and experimenting with online ways of communicating. I have created an off grid radio broadcasting system that broadcasts over 3G using a phone and battery operated equipment – this has seen broadcast performances from parks, beaches, a library, graveyards, various gig venues and a wind farm.

I have been developing a digital, improvisational graphic score system, Capriccio, and have worked with various festivals to experiment with large ensemble improvisation using technology. The debut performance was at Network Music Festival in Birmingham in 2014.

I have played many networked and remote concerts and rehearsals – using conference call technology to play with musicians around the world – this includes Cumbria/Nashville duo Keystrok Recordr and New York/France/Sheffield/Manchester/Cumbria experiment Ghost Ships

The Foley OrchestraTeacher

I am an experienced workshop leader and specialise in creative technology, working with the community, schools and arts organisations to get the best creative use out of new technology.

This has seen augmented reality exhibitions in primary schools, internet radio broadcasts from 18th century water mills, comics about Vikings, animations, film making, photography and online blogging.

I also lead workshops in group improvisation and graphic scoring.

‘I found the workshop incredibly inspiring. I thought you created a calm, welcoming and engaging environment and the graphic score was a great way of encouraging the players to express themselves whilst listening to others and not drowning each other out. It’s made me think differently about improvised music and how to approach it.’Roger (Participant)