Shaun Blezard is a musician, composer, creative technologist and artist in the community based in Cumbria.

Currently making music with smart technology, creating interactive graphic scores, producing big band free drone jazz and showing the communityhow to be creative with technology; from augmented reality installations in primary schools to showing older people how to connect via the internet.

Researching how to build new audiences on-line and with digital technology, sometime panelist pushing DIY ethics and New Voice composer.

Latest Release

Some Some Unicorn and The Golden Periphery

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Sounding Out at HCMF

Getting going as a professional: what do composers need?

At Heritage Quay, Huddersfield

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Ripsaw Catfish @ Open Circuit

Contemporary Jazz comes to Ulverston via the Ripsaw Catfish Shoaling tour.

At Open Circuit - Parish Rooms, Ulverston

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Hugs Bison @ Barrow Library

Hugs Bison present Spectral Stories from Barrow Library

At Barrow Library

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